We are so very happy with our new home

"My husband and I wanted to test the waters in the real estate market since the interest rates are so low and we were annoyed at getting the yearly rent increase notice (which as we all know can get ridiculous in some places). We were first time home buyers and the biggest newbies to the process. Picking a real estate agent/broker that is willing to work with you, knowledgeable, and patient with your countless questions is VERY important. We were grateful and happy to have had Lou Sanderson represent us throughout the process. She was there for us every step of the way providing useful advice and recommendations. Her experience and knowledge is very apparent since she definitely knew what she was doing and understands the real estate market. Most importantly, she was patient and never pushy!!! There are so many Realtors out there who don't like working with first time home buyers... they would rather try to make a quick buck with someone who has already gone through the process. This is definitely not Lou. She was always available to answer our questions and calm our worries! She made all the appointments and was there with us to look at potential homes on our list making sure she knew the details about each prior to arriving. Once we found a place we were interested in, she worked very hard to negotiate a fair offer and get everything lined up to close on time. She was constantly on top of all the moving pieces (and there are a lot). We HIGHLY recommend working with Lou whether you're a first time home buyer and want to see if its possible to buy (like we were), someone trying to "move up" or move to another area, or selling your home.

Thanks so much Lou... we are so very happy with our new home and couldn't have done it without you!!!"

- Jenn s

Outstanding job

"Just a short note to thank you for the outstanding job in selling 1904. Your willingness and ability to handle much of the logistics involved in preparing the house for sale was truly outstanding and made the sales process much less stressful and far more efficient. Your obvoius knowledge of the market and years of experience were very valuable in making the right decisions in the face of a difficult market environment. You were very much on the mark regarding your various recommendations. I would be happy to recommend your services, and it has been my pleasure to work with you."

- Jess M

We highly recommend Lou

"Lou Sanderson is a knowledgeable and professional realtor. She was very patient with us during the purchasing process. Lou put us in touch with all the right people along the way. We had met her walking daily at the park. We had been thinking of purchasing a house as an investment. When we discoveredher occupation, we immediately began asking a lot of questions. She was so helpful and never put any pressure on us. When we finally saw a house we were interested in, we touched bases with Lou and she took excellent care of us. She’s outstanding at negotiations and made sure the seller completed ALL their required repairs. If you want to buy or sell a house, we highly recommend Lou."

- Rose & Olga

I will use Lou again

"I wanted to share my experience with my realtor Lou Sanderson. My house had to go into a short sale. I had to move in November and was really ill. Had it not been for Lou, I would not have made it through this process. I wanted to tell you a couple of things she specifically did for me. She found out I had 4 liens on my house, she found the top attorney in Orange County and he got the 4 leins off. Had that not have happened, my house could not have closed escrow and I might have gone in foreclosure. Also, she made sure the house closed escrow on 28 December 2012 so that I did not have to pay taxes on the short sale. I will use Lou again when I go to buy my next house. "

- Reta M

We are now living in our dream home

"Lou helped us with the selling of our home of 21 years and also with the purchasing of our new home. Lou was always professional and so knowledgeable when we had questions or concerns about the selling as well as the buying process. We are now living in our dream home, and hope to live here at least 21 years. Thank you Lou for all your hard work!"

- La Moore

I will ALWAYS pick Lou

"Initially, I heard about Lou through my sister's home buying experience. Lou represented the seller, but she impressed my sister so much that my sister recommended Lou instead of her own agent. Lou is excellent at representing her client's interests while maintaining respectful dialogue with other parties. After that glowing recommendation from my sister, I asked Lou to help me. In 2013, Lou was fantastic in assisting me in the buying process. She kept me in the loop and explained the process step-by-step. In fact, she patiently answered the same questions multiple times throughout the process since I was a first time buyer. The best part was that I never felt pressured by her. I remembered this very well, so now that I have decided to sell my home, I chose her as my agent. I know she will be honest and push for my interests. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Based on my experiences with Lou, she will go above and beyond for you. This is what you want in an agent. She will represent you well and respond appropriately to all parties. I will ALWAYS pick Lou for my transactions."

- Satisfied Client

Extremely knowledgeable

"Lou has been fabulous to work with. She was the selling agent on the property we purchased and we built a great relationship with her. She is extremely knowledgeable about every part of the home buying and selling process."

- Satisfied Client

Reliable, trustworthy and should be your first call

"We have known Lou for 17 years and she has assisted us in every move, refinance and housing decision we have had to make. She first and foremost always puts her client's best interest first. She is a relentless researcher and will find the best possible solution for every housing need. The economy has been a challenge and life also brings challenges. At a time when we thought we would not be able to get a home and later possibly stay in our home she saved the day, both times! She is reliable, trustworthy and should be your first phone call and contact for ALL of your realtor needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

- Denise C

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